Who we are

We are a group of mothers who all share in common the trauma of having had a child diagnosed with cancer.  We have experienced the despair and loneliness that this brings.  We have all felt the fear of facing the future without our children.

Our vision is to be there for families rocked by cancer across all income communities irrespective of religious background, race or social background in South Africa.

We do this by working directly with the primary family caregivers of children aged 0-18 diagnosed with cancer. We use tested methods that have worked very well in similar contexts elsewhere. In addition we aim to create a community of togetherness within and between families who are treated at various hospitals, both state and private.

To us, “being there” for each other means that every family knows and feels that there is someone they can call on who understands what they are going through on this journey, thereby reducing any feelings of isolation and hopelessness. We also understand and care about siblings of children with cancer as they also go through great trauma in this process.

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