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MCHCT provides mid-morning refreshments for in and outpatients and their caregivers while they visit hospital for their day treatment or check up. Many families travel to hospital from outlying areas such as Ceres, Tulbagh, Worcester etc. using the public transport system. This means that they need to sometimes leave home from 4am onwards to arrive at hospital by 8. These visits can sometimes take the entire day with many leaving around 6pm depending on their situation. The hospitals do not provide refreshments for outpatients and their caregivers during the day. This provides a welcome relief to the patient and the caregiver and helps make the long day more bearable.

This service caters to an average of 50 individuals per day at each institution. Refreshments served is a beverage (tea/coffee/juice) accompanied with something light to eat (biscuits/sandwiches/yoghurt)

Donations toward this programme:

  • Helps build the strength and endurance of the patient and the primary caregiver for the long day
  • Provides the opportunity for caregivers to connect and share with our volunteers and fellow families over a cup of tea
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