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MCHCT recognizes that diagnosed families who are already battling financially due to their economic climate will face even harsher times as a result of the diagnosis. We also know that although treatment in most cases are subsidized at government hospitals that there are many additional expenses like:

a) transport costs for frequent trips to hospital,

b) airtime to stay in contact with loves ones at home

c) nutrition requirements of the family and patient that need to be catered for

d) assistance with funeral costs when the child passes away.

We also recognize that it takes a family a long time to get back on their feel after their treatment is complete or their child passes away. 

We are able to provide assistance with these only if we have funds to do so.

Donations to these:

  • Eases the stress placed on the primary caregiver to provide with already limited funds
  • Helps families cope better
  • Increases sense of belonging to a caring community
  • Fosters the knowledge that you do not have to carry your burdens alone
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