Donate an angelHUG


Donate and angelHUG for a child with cancer and his or her siblings today and bless them forever friends. It is our signature gift to the children in our #cancerville community.



The angelHUGs message:

An angelHUG wants you to be forever friends
whose love and support never ends;
keeps your secrets, never lies;
friendly, cosy, fuzzy and definitely wise.

Tell it your secrets
it’ll keep them well;
you don’t have to worry,
it won’t ever tell.

Whenever you need a friendly hug
it will always be there;
the same sweet and fuzzy angelHUG,
with the same gentle smile;
ready to walk that long extra mile;
ready to listen, ready to care.

angelHUGs are like teddy bears;
you can tell them everything and even more;
they’ll surely keep your secrets
from now till forever ever more.

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