Mums Nights

MCHCT recognizes the important role our Mum’s play in their families. Often the primary caregiver, Mum’s take on most of the ‘problem solving’ and ‘project management’ when they find out about a child’s diagnosis but also bear a heavy emotional burden.

Our Mum’s need our support, and we recognize how difficult their journey is. At MCHCT, we believe it’s important to wrap our Mum’s in cotton wool every now and then, to tickle their funny bone, to take the weight off their shoulders, to help them remember who they are. We do this by our Mum’s nights, taking many shapes with fun activities for our Mum’s.

Benefits of Mum’s Nights

Our Mum’s nights create lasting friendships and connections.

The power to create, build, sustain and deepen connection does not mean always being strong, but it does mean being able to stay connected through periods of “strength” and “weakness” and through wide ranges of different feelings. At MCHCT this is important to us, we know our Mum’s and our families are on a tiring journey full of ups and downs.

Study after study has documented the extreme benefits that time with other women can provide to females. From your physical health to your mental health, the end result of a night spent with a group of women is;

  • Improved self-worth and confidence
  • Boosts happiness and reduces stress
  • Helps cope with Cancerville
  • Increases sense of purpose and belonging
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