We asked a few of our moms what our signature gift, a MegaHug from Mega-hug, meant to them. Names have been changed to protect their identities.

Here are some of their responses:

“You took me back to 2013…that evening when I stood in my daughter’s hospital room at Red Cross. When I have not seen any of my family yet… when I have not yet faced the reality, that my child had cancer… and I could do nothing about it, but pray. At that moment I was praying for a miracle for my daughter. I was asking God to be with me, to keep me strong for the sake of my daughter. Inside I was crying for comfort, because I was in a place where I knew no-one, no family, no-one to share my heartache. I left my baby at home with my hubby in PE, not knowing when I would return home. And there I stood facing my daughter, with all these questions to God … and you walked by and introduced yourself. You asked me if you could give me a hug … and you wrapped me in so much love and understanding. You comforted me in a time that I was most vulnerable. You assured me that I will never be alone on this journey in cancerville. You left me feeling positive, loved, warm, protected. Leaving me with the megahug blanky left me feeling connected to you all the time. Whenever I needed comfort, I could just wrap myself in it, and it was as if I was reliving that moment again.” – *Ursula

“When I received my megahug I was so pleased. It was wonderful to wrap myself in this “blankie”. I always feel so comforted especially during the difficult times when my son had chemo or operations or any treatment. I would stay overnight in the hospital and my megahug always went with me. I’m so looking forward to having the colder days because I can then wrap myself in the comfort and love knowing I’m never alone. The softness, the size, the embrace makes me feel braver when I know it is close at hand.” – *Nomsa

“For me the megahug means alot. It’s my comforter, my shoulder to cry on and it helps me feel like I’m being hugged by you.” – *Getrude

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